My Raspberry Pi Setup

Below are some screenshots for my Pi setup.


Since I am using my digital monitor, a HDMI to DVI cable is required.

I am using a 4port USB hub to connect my USB mouse and keyboard, and additional USD devices that I want to use.


I am using my LG mobile travel adaptor to power up Raspberry Pi. You can see the output is 5.1V, 0.7A.


Boot up screen is shown below. I am using the Raspbian “wheezy” image. The default login is “pi” and password is “raspberry”.



After I logged in, I used the command “passwd root” to set the root password.

Run “startx” to go into the GUI mode.


To overclock it, uncomment the following line in /boot/config.txt.


Use the poweroff command to power off the device.

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