2 Ways to Easily Generate Icons for Android Applications

For developers, creating icons for your mobile applications is not a straightforward task.

For Android, there are 2 easy ways for you to do so.


Android Asset Studio

The Android Asset Studio web app is a great resource for creating icons for your Android applications.

The icon generators allow you to quickly and easily generate icons from existing source images, clipart, or text. You can create Launcher icons, Menu icons, Action bar icons (Android 3.0+), Tab icons and notification icons.

Using the Device frame generators, you can quickly wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork, providing better context for your screenshots.



Android Eclipse Plugin

The new Android Eclipse Plugin now supports the same functionality directly. When you open the New wizard (Ctrl-N) the Android category contains a new item: "Android Icon Set":


You can use this to create your own icon sets.


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