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2 Ways to Easily Generate Icons for Android Applications

For developers, creating icons for your mobile applications is not a straightforward task. For Android, there are 2 easy ways for you to do so.   Android Asset Studio The Android Asset Studio web app is a great resource for creating icons for your Android applications. The icon generators allow you to quickly and easily [...]


SMSSpeaker is an Android mobile application which uses the built-in TTS (Text to Speech) engine to read incoming SMS messages and call details. Features include Ability to turn on and off this feature. Automatically disconnect incoming call. Set ringer mode to Normal, Vibrate, Silent if you do not want to disconnect incoming call. Choose Language, Language [...]


MyLotto is my first developed application, mainly for learning how to program on Android. It is a simple application that display Malaysia 4 digits lotto results and perform basis number analysis. The source code is available at Google Code.

Yet Another Site for Mobile Apps

This site is my little experiment on learning mobile application programming and see how it could generate income. I have been developing some products for the last couple of years. It is fun developing and selling software components which are of real use to people and companies worldwide. With the boom of mobile apps since [...]

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