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Developing Android App–My Experience Part 1

The source code for this app is available here. The alpha version is available in Google Play.   Introduction It is year 2014. Happy New Year to everyone! For the last couple of months I have been developing an Android app which I initially targeted to complete by end of year 2013. Nonetheless, the progress [...]


Irrduino is an Arduino-based irrigation control system. It includes: IrrduinoController: A project written in C that runs on the Arduino controller. It was prototyped using an Android ADK board and an Arduino Ethernet Shield. IrrduinoDroid: This is an Android application that can control IrrduinoController. IrrduinoServer: This is a Python, Google App Engine application that can [...]


SimpleBlocker is a free and open source Android application which blocks or silences incoming calls from all calls, blocked contacts, unknown contacts, or both. It is licensed under GPL and the source code is available at Google Code.        


SMSSpeaker is an Android mobile application which uses the built-in TTS (Text to Speech) engine to read incoming SMS messages and call details. Features include Ability to turn on and off this feature. Automatically disconnect incoming call. Set ringer mode to Normal, Vibrate, Silent if you do not want to disconnect incoming call. Choose Language, Language [...]


MyLotto is my first developed application, mainly for learning how to program on Android. It is a simple application that display Malaysia 4 digits lotto results and perform basis number analysis. The source code is available at Google Code.

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